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SCA MOTORGA, CĂNURECI & ASSOCIATES ensures judicial assistance in relation to the property right on real estates, So, we issue legal opinions in relation to specific agreements and also offer services related to land registry.

The judicial services provided by our legal practice in the real estate field include, as example, checking the fiscal status of the real estate with the Local Tax and Duties Office and with the competent public authorities. 

Our lawyers deal with drafting or revising or with the negotiation of the pre-agreements, sales agreements, lease or mortgage agreements, and we also represent and assist our customers in front of notaries public for the conclusion and authentication of the agreements.

We handle the check of property documents (including the history of the property rights) and the drafting of legal opinions, reports and memos regarding the judicial situation of the real estate.

We perform the land record procedures and formalities related to the existence/lack of existence of encumbrances for the real estate.


We offer integrated judicial services in the business law, energy & natural resources, tax law, civil law, penal law,  labour law, intellectual property, environmental law, banking and real estate.  Contact us!

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