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SCA MOTORGA, CĂNURECI & ASSOCIATES offers judicial services in the pharmaceutical field, which represents a challenge for the lawyers in our practice, as it is a legal frame without predictability, in a continuous and vast transformation.

The lawyers offer services which consist in drafting/revising or negotiations agreements specific for the pharmaceutical field, assistance and representation in front of competent authorities in the pharmaceutical field (Ministry of Health, National Health Insurance House, National Medicine Agency etc.), drafting legal opinions regarding the interpretation of the pharmaceutical field law in Romania, in the context of EU regulations and directives.

The practice ensures judicial consultancy, assistance and representation for the opening of pharmacies in Romania, or in relation to the performance of project/expansion of the range of activities in the pharmaceutical field.

Also, our lawyers offers judicial assistance and representation in front of the national and arbitration courts, in all procedural stages.






We offer integrated judicial services in the criminal law, civil law, commercial law, intellectual property, labour law, energy, environmental law, pharmaceutical, financial-banking. Contact us!

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