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SCA MOTORGA, CĂNURECI & ASSOCIATES offers quality services to customers in the business environment but also to natural persons, state institutions and non-governmental organizations, in Romania, as well as abroad.

Our company's operation strategy consists in complying with our customers' requirements, having as main objective the development of long-term productive partnerships.

We have brought a rigorous and customized judicial consultancy for the cases submitted to our attention on the market of judicial consultancy services, solving them in an innovative and proper manner, reaching the proposed objective: success.

We are building a team which shares the same solid principles but also ideals, formed from efficient and dynamic lawyers, involved and enthusiastic, permanently proving high professionalism and morals. We are, at the same time, a combination of experience and youth and we offer respect, integrity and loyalty.

We value obtaining the results wanted by the customers and satisfying their interests, under all aspects, that is why the team is thoroughly prepared judicially, as well as socially and culturally, leading to an optimum combination of resources.

We are characterized by the perseverance in offering clear solutions to legal issues, solution which persevere in the prompt pronunciation of a correct judicial decision, as our force comes from a sense of justice, equity and defence law, well cultivated and polished in time.

Due to the permanent collaboration with notaries public, executors, mediators, experts or other specialists we can offer integrated judicial services in the criminal and criminal processual law, civil law, family law, commercial law and M&A, intellectual property, industrial property, competition and antitrust, environmental law, administrative law, labour law, financial-banking law, in relation to immigration and citizenship, recognition and execution in Romania of the foreign judicial decisions (exequatur procedure) in relation to malpractice and to the pharmaceutical field.

The legal services in the above-mentioned fields are offered as verbal or written judicial consultancy; drafting actions and other procedural actions in the litigations, assistance and representation in the amicable procedures for solving differences (negotiation, conciliation, mediation) in front of the courts of law or of arbitration courts.


We offer integrated judicial services in the criminal law, civil law, commercial law, intellectual property, labour law, energy, environmental law, pharmaceutical, financial-banking. Contact us!

Adress: 141C Calea Plevnei Street, 6th District, Bucharest
Phone: 031 425 39 44, 0735 249 249
E-mail: office@motorgacanureci.ro

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